Miniature Magneto helmet
I felt like Hannibal Lector

A friend of mine talked me into 3D printing a Magneto helmet he had 3D modelled.

He did a fantastic job so we set about printing a miniture the size of a small apple just to prove that it would work.

When that was done we scaled up the print and then sliced it clean through the middle with NetFab. The goal here was to try to match the model to his head. It took a couple of goes until we worked out Makerbot’s scale system.


I had to slice the model repeatedly, about 12 pieces in all, just to get it to sit right and fit onto the build plate. There were a lot of artifacts but eventually we ended up with the helmet completed. Well completed was not the right word there because there was a lot of sanding, priming, sanding and priming again until a satisfactory finish was achieved.

Not as clean as expected
Slice and dice







But the end result was amazing…

Here are the lads from Niflheim Productions on the catwalk of the X-Men Apocalypse movie in their finished costumes. Click image to view video footage.