We had just started printing components for our NDI DBot 3D printer project when the Makerbot Replicator Dual Original 3D printer we have in the workshop began to slip mysteriously.

And failed

Nothing seems to work. We disassembled the print head, cleaned and drilled out the nozzle with a special kit gifted from a good friend…. soaked them in Acetone for 24 hours but still no filament extruding unless forced by hand….. hmmm interesting clue there Watson.

Print head tear down to address a loose Drive Gear Set Screw in the feeder head.

So pulling it apart feeder revealed the grub screw in the filament gripping head of the feeder had come loose…. not bad considering the machine had been used most days for six years at a school. So we tightened, cleaned and reassembled the print head, and two hours later held the first shiny print are ready for the NDI DBot 3D Printer build

First prints coming off the press!