I was blessed to be in Wellington, New Zealand several years ago when I came across the exhibition of a famous photographer. I cannot recall his name except that he was being honoured with an exhibition at the museum.

Foam, plastic piping, lots of glue, a decent paint job… and an insanely tight time frame made this costume a reality in Wayne’s Workshop

Looking at the various images from his best works scattered around the walls I came across a display cabinet with a single roll of 24 shot film from a photo shoot he had completed.

The subject was some famous individual laughing with friends at a bull fight. The cellulite was unwound and it revel 23 very plain and very ordinary images of the event. Nothing special or significant- nothing out of the ordinary. In fact they all looked very much like someone’s holiday snaps – except for one.

One image had that ‘X’ factor. That zing. In fact such was its impact that I think it made the cover of Time Magazine. But that is not what stuck in my mind . What stunned me was that here was one image, just one image, where I had expected to see an entire roll of stunning images….And all I could focus on was that one image.

When you think about it that’s all it takes. One image to make a moment memorable, to make a moment golden.

So here’s a big up to all those photographers of us Cosplayers.