I’ve always wanted to have my own little workshop helper… like in the movies. No, not Elves or the yellow Despicable Me variety – more the robotic kind.

Over the last couple of years I have collected a number of unwanted robot toys from various places in the hope I could one day restore and hot wire them into becoming my own little autonomous fleet of minions.

Introducing the Real Robots magazine and their some assembly required robot called a Cybot.

Real Robots was a popular late 70’s magazine that my parents introduced me to when I was a teenager. Mum would faithfully take me to the local bookshop and purchase the weekly installment along with a small collection of robot parts. Each week I carefully read the magazine cover to cover and then assembled the part(s) obtained. Eventually after many, many weeks I had a partially working robot ‘pet’. It was a wonderful introduction to the world of robotics.

When I look back now I must confess that the strategy of the magazine creators was nothing but brilliant. They had hooked me in with their glossy pictures and the promise of my own robot. Then they had delivered me the robot in hundreds of tiny pieces ready to purchase on a weekly basis. The smallest of parts was actually a part of a series of small parts that were in turn split into several more parts. I kid you not. When I look back now at the main circuit board there are almost more board joiners than components. One board split into eleven parts. This allowed them to drag out the assembly process almost indefinitely!

But I digress…


So I now have a number of these Cybots, and a number of other robot type toys, and we have been super charging them with the help of an EZ-RobotTiny control board. It’s been fun…. and I just love the software that goes with the board.

So I look forward to having a few minions mixing and mingling with our guests at our next Manday Night!

A good friend of mine made the silver adaptor board to securely connect the switch and Tiny board together


We also had the finish product inspected before releasing it to the public…

It was eventually approved by the management!