No Vacancy

Had a bit of fun over the weekend with our Christmas production of “No Vacancy”. It was a New Zealand wide ‘live’ event held in six locations and retold the Christmas story with a slightly different twist. It was a real team effort and made all the richer by the …

Laser Cutter Upgrade

Just been working on upgrading my EleksLaser A3 Pro laser cutter. The ‘cutting plate’ of the laser was a bit smaller than my needs so I decided to upgrade it to twice the origional size. I ordered the parts from an awesome website called MechMakers. I was very impressed with their …

Gears of War

My Gears of War 4 Cosplay for Armageddon 2017

EleksLaser A4 Pro

I recently purchased the EleksLaser A3 Pro laser cutter. It was an anxious purchase having previously avoided purchases from overseas but this proved to be successful.       I sourced the cutter frame from EleksLaser’s store on Banggood and then, being the firebug that I am, I purchased the biggest …

Niflheim Productions

The very talented team from Niflheim Productions spent a lot of their earlier years working from Wayne’s Workshop.

Some of the footage below shows scenes from inside Wayne’s Workshop and features a number of collaborative projects .