Robot Rescue

I’ve always wanted to have my own little workshop helper… like in the movies. No, not Elves or the yellow Despicable Me variety – more the robotic kind. Over the last couple of years I have collected a number of unwanted robot toys from various places in the hope I …

A New Cosplay

Well I have finally started… Step one of heaps: Template my dressing gown and start the 3D printing process… Step Two: Cut out the cloth… Step Three: Print the pieces of the props… Step Four: Sew, sew, sew – well actually begin to learn how to sew, make a mess …

Gears of War

My Gears of War 4 Cosplay for Armageddon 2017

Niflheim Productions

The very talented team from Niflheim Productions spent a lot of their earlier years working from Wayne’s Workshop.

Some of the footage below shows scenes from inside Wayne’s Workshop and features a number of collaborative projects .