Working with foam can be quite challenging, especially if you’re trying to Cosplay a Superhero with Abs and a tight cowl. Batman, one of our earliest workshop Cosplay builds didn’t turn out to be too bad at all.

The most challenging parts wasn’t the flowing cape, although this was quite authentic looking. Nor was it the body armour that expanded and contracted with the wearer’s breathing. Rather it was Batman’s cowl. Made out of 3 mm foam from a Pepakura template the cowl required a good deal of patience during assembly and a steady hand cutting and gluing the parts together to avoid making joints segment or too obvious.  

When finished the cowl did take some some effort to get over the wearer’s head. Fortunately his broad chin added strength to the character and improved the overeall impact to the Cosplay.

Considering this was one of the first foam fabrications in the workshop it was a great effort and as you can see the end results were quite satisfying. In fact you could say the cowl topped off the costume perfectly!

Sadly over time and with repeated visitors to the workshop all trying to be Batman, the cowl became stretched at the seams. The final straw was the day the cowl was left in the back of a car in the hot Northland sun.