Someone has to be the model

One of the frustrations I have is the need to make body forms to fit my shape. From the picture to the left it is clear that I am round… what is not immediately obvious is that I am somewhat vertically challenged as well. So I have had to entice others into making templates for my head.

A number of us have managed to buy full-sized mannequins at really reasonable prices but as major Cosplay events get closer in the calendar these become harder to find!

The MAN and his spare head!

Recently one of our members went the extra mile and made his own full head wrap from duct tape – don’t ask me how!

Anyway, with duct tape form in hand, he proceeded to fill the vacant form with fast dry foam.


It was fascinating to watch the way the foam swelled to fill the space.

It will be interesting to see the finished product – more to come!!!