While cleaning up I found the last box of a Te Reo Maori memory and Reo learning card game my daughter and her Young Enterprise team developed a number of years ago. It was great to find them and reminded me of the 40+ sausage sizzles my daughter did to raise sufficient funds to go to production.

Each pack had 3 sets of cards, each set a different shape, and each card a single word. The cards were professionally printed and great for memory games. All the images were originals or used with permission. All words were checked and confirmed as accurate by local Northland Kaumatua and had macrons with english translations.

Each pack contained 100 card:

4 sets of numbered 1 to 10 (Square)
15 pairs of round fruit cards (Round)
14 pairs of colours hexagon with + 2 multi coloured cards

Very limited stocks remain – Check here