Okay so I have given my website a bit of spit and polish this weekend…
For a while now I have wanted a site where I can click on a page and follow the progress of a specific cosplay build that shows me just that particular build and not photos of the dog their cat ate or advertising from some obscure website!
Don’t get me wrong FB is great at telling our stories but I find my projects get jumbled up with all my other FB posts and then my feed gets mixed again with everyone else’s. Now the RPF Website does a good job coming, close to what I am after, but I find it frustratingly slow to scroll through, painful to view imagery and somewhat lackluster.
I want a wide screen experience, big pictures, fast load times and no distracting advertisements all over the place. I want a place where I can record my build progress over time so that I can share this link with others… and I want a place where we can feature fellow Cosplayers and their specific builds…. recording progress from beginning to end.

Are you in? If so check out what I have started on my website. It auto posts to FB, Twitter, etc. AND you can time delay your posts so that they magically appear after the big event
If you’re in then PM me for access and I will set you up with an account and even make some time to give you tuition on how to make amazing posts… I am NOT in this for the money – but I have been blessed the ability and the tools to make something awesome!