As King of Asgard, protector of the Nine Realms, father of Hela, Thor, and Loki,and husband of Frigga, Odin carries aloft Gungnir the symbol of his authority.

Forged in the metal from the heart of a dying star Gungnir is his mightiest weapon. Odin can also wield Thor’s hammer, Mjølnir.

So a big shout out to juanmol from Thingiverse for the 3D model. Conveniently sliced into 14 sections, with two holes through every part, the 3D print was floorless.

I originally tried 5mm doweling but found this to be too sloppy as a fit allowed flex during the initial mock-ups. I didn’t want to introduce flex as this would add pressure to the joins.

I settled on two 6.2mm fibre glass rods for stability but did have to do a bit of sanding to get them to slide into place easily.

6mm holes do not allow 6.2mm rods to slide in – obvious aye!


I used a two part superglue just to give me a few seconds of slide when joining the parts. Slop in the shaft from my eager sanding was addressed by introducing some lightweight filler.